About us

“Snow Coats” is an Indie / Folk band based in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.
Their first single called “Backyard” was released in February 2017 by the Portuguese publisher “Sounds New Sounds Good”. In May “Snow Coats” released their second single called “High Tide” which was picked up by radio stations such as “NPO 3FM” in the Netherlands and “Lush9.55” in Singapore. Both songs were featured in the famous music compilations by the Youtube channel “Alexrainbirdmusic”, with over 150.000 views in two weeks.

“Snow Coats” played several live shows, for example at “Luxor Live Arnhem” and they supported the Indie Rock band “Raglans” in Amsterdam. In the summer of 2017, the band played at various Dutch festivals like “Zwarte Cross” and they traveled to France for a club show in Paris and the surf festival “Enter the Wave”

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